Three Capes Track

A benchmark project for Australian nature tourism, a new level of immersion in landscape.

Project team:
Andrew Burns, Jordan Soriot, Alexander Galego, Noel Roche

Architecture AND has completed construction of two lightweight steel and timber framed lodges in the remote Tasman National Park. Commissioned by leading private tourism operator, Tasmanian Walking Company, the project forms a benchmark in the remote tourism sector.

Living spaces open to the adjacent landscape.

Crescent Lodge.

The two Three Capes lodges sit atop spectacular dolorite cliff top sites, up to 300m above the sea, accessed by the newly constructed Three Capes Track. The buildings are designed to play a secondary role to the heroic landscape in which they sit, yet offer a unique guest experience on the edge of this grand natural theatre.

Module heli-lift. Image courtesy AJR Construct.

Pillar Lodge, set 300m above the Tasman Sea.

Revealing the view.

The buildings step gently down the hill, following the natural topography, holding close to the contour and enabling the roof lines to sit below the tree canopy. Further visual softening is provided through the varying stain of timber batten screens, avoiding the presence of large undifferentiated surfaces and ensuring that the buildings blend with the natural landscape.

Pavilions step with the topography.

A batten screen cloaks the shared walkway.

As this is a highly sensitive environment, with rugged terrain, fragile plant, animal and ecosystems, a large proportion of construction and fabrication occurred off-site, via full volumetric prefabrication, panelised components and conventional steel and aluminium fabrication. All materials were brought to site via helicopter.

A bridge spans between the pavilions.

Pillar lodge, communal space.

Crescent Lodge, communal space.