Elaborating the distinctive expression of Tao Gofers' design through an approach of subtle contrast - creating a continuity whereby the form reads as a singular entity.

Project team:
Andrew Burns, Carmen Sanz-Diez de Ulzurrun, Ethan Gao, Jordan Silver, Tiffany Liew

Architecture AND collaborated with SJB and Aspect Landscape on a submission for the design excellence competition for the celebrated Sirius Building. The design proposition sought to diverge from an orthodox Burra Charter approach of contrast and instead pursued a sense of continuity with the original expression. The distinctive expression filleted brick ground plane and concrete tower was retained and elaborated, enlivened through the addition of a mass timber third 'piece' to provide compositional balance across the site.

Architecture AND congratulate the winning firm of BVN.

The roof as a tiered landscape. Source: SJB

Gloucester Walk - new brick volumes enhance amenity while retaining the existing expression. Source: SJB

The secondary language of the existing tower; board-formed concrete lift and services shafts; were translated into the primary expression of the new addition. An internal logic was developed whereby each concrete volume neatly interlocked with the adjacent volume to provide a visual clarity within a highly varied form.

Board-formed concrete addition. Source: SJB

Eastern elevation - a 'cap' of new forms cascades down the existing structure. Source: SJB