Museum of the 20th Century, Berlin

The proposal reconciled concepts of constraint zwang and freedom freiheit, extending the critical alignments of Mies van der Rohe’s Neue Nationalgalerie, transforming these embedded geometries with arcs in plan and section. In contrast to the abstract, rectilinear materiality of it’s neighbour, the proposal incorporated textural bronze perforated cladding and set the structure on a landscape podium.

Project team:
Andrew Burns, Jonathon Donnelly

Context plan

Curvature enables a subtle shifting of volumes, resulting in outdoor terraces and dramatic cantilevers

Elevation - the geometry sweeps upward from the Neue Nationalgalerie roof alignment

Primary gallery spaces are located within the upper level, over a transparent groundplane with front of house and social functions

Perforated cladding enables secondary arcing geometry within the facade