Hyde Park Cafe

A contemporary intervention in a historic landscape, activating it's place while contributing new vistas and linkages.

Project team:
Andrew Burns, Casey Bryant, Jonathon Donnelly, Camille Gaven, Jaymus Lim

Architecture AND have completed a new cafe pavilion, station access upgrade and landscape at heritage-listed Hyde Park & Museum Station, in the historic context of Hyde Park, Sydney’s premier landscape space. The design for the cafe and access upgrade retains the form and solid materiality of the existing heritage listed train station, inserting a cafe with an elegant, fine roof structure that reaches out and embraces the park landscape beyond.

Permeability - the project creates a new pedestrian connection through Museum Station.

The project establishes a new visual and physical link from Museum Station through to Hyde Park, which was proactively proposed by Architecture AND, and was not part of the initial brief. This subtle permeability significantly enhances this corner of the urban landscape of the park, extending the benefits of landscape into the building, through the building, and into the city beyond.

New link from corner of Elizabeth and Liverpool Streets to the Anzac Memorial.

Contrast of historic and contemporary fabric.

A pavilion within the park.

The secondary material of the existing building becomes primary in the addition.

Station lobby.

The horizontal roof serves to declutter the outlook, resulting in the Downing Centre beyond gaining an increased presence within the park.