Glebe Housing

A textural expression, integrated within the terrace house grain of Glebe.

Project team:
Andrew Burns, Casey Bryant, Sean Choo

The Glebe Housing project consists of 5 x three storey terrace type dwellings with consolidated basement and private roof terraces. A stairwell is used to draw light from clerestorey glazing into the core of each dwelling, enhancing the amenity.

A multiple key arrangement has been incorporated into the project, providing separate studios to the ground floor and providing subtenancy options. The main living spaces are provided on the first floor, gaining improved outlook and natural light, ensuring compliance with the solar access provisions of the Apartment Design Guide. The project has been designed with an emphasis on durability, given the client’s intention of retaining the stock.

Integrated in the local context

Entry garden.

The exterior expression creates a banding, horizontal and vertical, referencing the terrace house structures within the context. This facade expression consists of a patterning of perforated aluminium screens, colour-matched to rendered AFS wall system in a clay tone, punctuated by aluminium framed openings in a dark bronze tone. These combinations of dusty reds and dark bronzes are topped by a white clerestorey roof structure and a light white sandstone base, referencing the underlying Sydney ground conditions.

Textural red upper volume atop a light sandstone base

Terrace houses from the immediate context