Cattai Housing

A contemporary reinterpretation of vernacular forms - timeless expressions for a rural lifestyle.

Project team:
Andrew Burns, Ethan Gao, Anna Ewald-Rice, Jordan Silver

Architecture AND have completed the design of a group of five dwellings on a rural land parcel in north-western Sydney.

The design approach utilised a series of diagrams for the dwellings; linear and L-shape configurations; enabling responsiveness to the specific landscape conditions of each site; vegetation, topography and outlook. Detailing and materiality is consistent across the dwellings, supporting buildability and cohesion.

Linear plan - a two storey configuration provides a compact footprint.

The primary dwellings are flanked by secondary structures; masonry terraces, pavilions and sheds. These structures are distributed around each site to create a series of defined outdoor spaces and enhanced privacy between adjacent dwellings.


L-shape plan - the dwelling and pavilion flank a pool.